One Piece Gigant Battle

Dominic Sacco

One Piece Gigant Battle

One Piece is an anime comic, TV series, collection of films and video game franchise that has amassed a cult following.

Gigant Battle is the latest game based on the series – a 2D fighter for DS that includes over 70 characters from the series. These include Monkey D. Luffy, who has the special fighting power of ‘Gum Gum Fruit’.

A support character system allows players to enhance their skills depending on the bonds characters have with one another, with powerful special moves, counter attacks and more present.

Winning fights yields experience points which can be spent on levelling up a character, improving status points and buying new attacks.

Gamers can also take part in a four-player multiplayer mode using just one game cartridge. Ideal for fans of the series and fighting gamers.


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