Pikmin 3: Retail Essentials

Release date July 26th 2013 Price n/a
Format Wii U
Publisher Nintendo Distributor Open
Developer Nintendo Contact n/a

Pikmin 3: Retail Essentials

MCV takes a look at Pikmin 3, Nintendo's latest addition to the series that once again puts players in control of their own army of Pikmin.

We detail the game's features, whilst talking to Nintendo about the publishers marketing plan for the title.

Pikmin 3 is out July 26th.

-The fan-favourite Pikmin franchise returns to gamers’ screens this summer by making its debut on Nintendo’s Wii U. It continues the trademark gameplay of the series’ previous entries.

-Players once again command a horde of the loveable Pikmin, tiny creatures that live among the plants, as they help an equally tiny spaceman collect the resources he needs to repair his ship.

-Pikmin can be directed to carry out a variety of tasks to achieve this, including building bridges, destroying barriers or defeating any enemies they encounter on their adventures.

-New additions within Pikmin 3 include the Rock and Flying types, which provide players with never- before-seen abilities that will help them achieve their goals.

-Multiplayer is also a key feature of the title, with the introduction of the Bingo and Mission modes. In Bingo mode, players are tasked with collecting items in order to complete their four-by-four grid. Mission mode gives them specific objectives, like collecting fruit or defeating enemies.

-The Wii U’s unique features are also utilised to their maximum within Pikmin 3 as players are able to choose the way they want to play. Gamers can opt to play with the GamePad and TV, or the Wii U Pro Controller. But those who discovered Pikmin on the original Wii are able to play with a familiar control setup using the Wii Remote Plus and Nunchuk.

Nintendo is supporting the launch of Pikmin 3 with significant marketing activity both online and in print, as well as sampling events in London.

The campaign will include a wide variety of online activity that includes marketing material display on leading specialist gaming sites.

A two-week TV campaign will also be accompanied by a five-week period of video-on-demand activity between July and August, with both initiatives targeting the 16 to 34 age group.

Pikmin’s launch weekend will see two experimental promotion stands placed at South Bank and Brick Lane, where fans will be able to try out the game in addition to prize giveaways.

The last time we saw Pikmin was on the GameCube and Wii, and Pikmin 3 makes a welcomed return as a classic fan favourite now on Wii U.

In the last adventure Captain Olimar took the lead, but now it’s a brand new adventure with three new characters and new Pikmin have also been introduced.

There are new challenge multiplayer modes and a richer single-player experience that offers a higher replay value making it more accessible for newcomers.

Fans will not be disappointed with the latest installment in Mr Miyamoto’s franchise and we expect this to be reflected in the sales.


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