PlayStation Move Heroes

Dominic Sacco

PlayStation Move Heroes

Sony's Move motion controller has allowed players to control a variety of party, sports and shooter titles, but PlayStation Move Heroes is the first to bring multiple franchises and activities together on one disc.

The game boasts an all-star cast from much-loved PlayStation platformers including Jak & Daxter, Ratchet & Clank and Sly Cooper who are abducted and sent to a strange world.

They must team up to escape by completing a range of tasks such as shooting, flying and destruction-based mini-games in this PS3 Move exclusive.

Once a player has selected his or her chosen character – each with their own skills and weaknesses – they can take advantage of signature weapons like Ratchet and Clank’s combustor or Sly’s cane.

Gamers can use the Move wand and navigation controller to swing swords, fire bullets and steer projectiles such as shurikens into in-game foes. There are also plenty of target-destroying and power up collectable mini-games.

Heroes on the Move

The game features a two-player co-op mode which allows friends to rack up their best high score, which can be uploaded onto the online PSN leaderboards.

Additionally, bronze, silver and gold medals can be earned to unlock new missions.

The game features 50 different levels which are set in familiar landscapes from each platforming franchise. Ratchet & Clank’s Metropolis makes an appearance, as does Jak & Daxter’s Haven City and Paris from Sly Cooper.

This appeals to fans of each series and allows PlayStation Move Heroes to provide players with a range of challenges and objectives based on the area.

Game players – especially those that fall into the younger demographic – will no doubt enjoy the platform-style gameplay and bright colourful landscapes, as well as using motion controls in a game that isn’t a traditional party or sports title.

The magic three

Jak & Daxter

Pointy-eared Jak first made his video game appearance on PS2 in 2001 with his trusty sidekick Daxter. There have been six games since with spin-offs including Jak X: Combat Racing in 2005.

Sly Cooper

The wily raccoon is a master thief who teams up with his partners Bentley and Murray. The first title debuted on PS2 in 2002, while a Move-compatible PS3 trilogy pack hit shelves last December.

Ratchet & Clank

Ratchet and his robot friend Clank also arrived on the PS2 in 2002 and have gone on to appear in nine titles. A tenth, Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, is due for release on PS3 later this year.


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