Premier Manager 2012

Release date February 24th 2012 Price n/a
Format PC
Publisher Focus Multimedia Ltd Distributor Open
Developer - Contact n/a
Dominic Sacco

Premier Manager 2012

“Remember when football management simulations were fun? When you could experience the blood, sweat and tears of an entire season in a single evening?”

That’s part of the blurb for Premier Manager 2012, the latest PC sim in a series that first kicked off in 1992 on the Amiga – but has been absent from shelves since 2010. 

Said blurb also conveys one of the game’s key selling points – fast-paced gameplay. This is part of a bid to attract more casual players.

Take Premier Manager 2012's budget £10.20 SRP into account, and you’re looking at a product that will entice football fans who may not have tried a management sim before.

Premier Manager 2012 promises consumers pick-up-and-play style gameplay, as opposed to bigger slower-paced sims such as Sega’s Football Manager series.

Gamers can compete in English, Scottish, Italian, Spanish, German and French football leagues, as well as the major European and domestic cups competitions. They can buy and sell players, change a team’s formation and tactics, and will have to deal with the demands of both staff and players.

Kick thrills

Consumers will also have to consider their side’s ‘tactical unity’, which is affected by formation, tactics and how long each footballer has been at the club. Experimenting with this will allow players to see what works and what doesn’t.

Users are rewarded with RPG-style XP points as they progress, too, which can be spent on upgrades.

Having already arrived on PSN last year, and with the series now celebrating its 20th anniversary, it’s the perfect time for Premier Manager 2012 to perform on retailers’ PC?shelves.


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