Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Retail Essentials

Release date March 28th 2014 Price n/a
Format 3DS
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Professor Layton vs Phoenix  Wright: Ace Attorney  - Retail Essentials

MCV looks at the crossover title between Level 5's sleuth and Capcom's lawyer. 

Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney comes to 3DS on March 28th. 

This game unites two of the most popular series to grace Nintendo’s handhelds – Professor Layton and Capcom’s Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. Both are relatively new properties, and have sold well with a wide audience.

The crossover title is one of the 3DS’ biggest games in the first quarter of the year. It came out in Japan at the end of 2012 and reviewed very well.

Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright sees both sets of characters being transported to the mysterious city of Labyrinthia after they read a magical book.

The gameplay styles of both series are present, and the title is divided into two distinct styles. Layton’s Adventure sections see the sleuth exploring the city and trying to find clues, while Wright’s Trial segments feature the lawyer defending clients in court and cross examining multiple witnesses at once.

The game is aimed at players of all ages and experience. Should fans get stuck, Hint Coins are scattered around the world to give players a push in the right direction.

Those who finish the title will access bonus content, including concept art with comments from the developers, and music. Throughout the game players can collect items called picarats and the more of these that fans find, the more bonus items will be unlocked.

This is on top of the twelve downloadable episodes that are made available upon completion of the game.

At the end of February, Nintendo had a sale on its eShop for titles from both series. These were reduced by 30 per cent.

The publisher has since been promoting the title with a focused online and social media campaign targeting series fans, as well as puzzle and mystery game enthusiasts on iOS platforms.

The online campaign will comprise of a mix of display and pre-roll adverts appearing on specialist sites. This is in addition to activity occurring on community portals such as DeviantArt.

The social media campaign has already started and is set to continue until after the title’s launch at the end of the month.

For anyone who is a fan of either series, this is a match made in heaven. It’s the first crossover adventure between the puzzle solving gentleman and the blazing lawyer – courtroom vs tea room if you may.

In addition to being a 3DS exclusive, the game borrows elements from both franchises such as the inspection phases and trial sequences, which gives everyone a brief understanding of the gameplay synonymous with both series.

The other great thing is that no previous knowledge of either series is needed to complete the adventures, which makes the entry barrier lower to those who may be initially put off. Additionally, there is add on content coming so the journey doesn’t just end here.


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