Railway Simulator

Dominic Sacco

Railway Simulator

The PC is still the No.1 destination for specialist simulation games, with players able to relive a myriad of experiences from the comfort of their desk.

Railway Simulator is the latest simulation game that does exactly what it says on the box. It allows train fans to design, build and manage their own railway environment – as well as drive a locomotive themselves.

In-game locations range from the UK to North America and Eastern Europe to Asia. There’s even a multiplayer option that allows enthusiasts to interact with one another online and share their own railway experience with others.

The game will be promoted by a series of banner ads and reviews on train sim websites, as well as PC, trade, consumer and specialist publications.

“Railway Simulator is unique,” Just Flight & Just Trains marketing manager Scott Phillips tells MCV.

“It provides fantastic value for the customer, and with a long shelf life and high margin, it’s a very attractive proposition for any retailer.”

Make no mistake – this is a very specialist game. It even comes with a 240-page manual. But for the type of person who is looking for a train simulator, and one that they can come back to time and time again as they build new railways, then this is exactly the kind of title they’ll be looking for.

Although this railway game may be niche, there is a die-hard audience for simulation titles of this variety. And let’s be frank – who needs a train set when you can have miles upon miles of virtual train track to enjoy?


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