Red Orchestra 2

Release date September 16th 2011 Price £24.99
Format PC
Publisher Lace Mamba Global Distributor
Developer - Contact
Dominic Sacco

Red Orchestra 2

Larger publishers may be focusing on the battlegrounds of today, but Lace Mamba Global recognises that there’s still strong demand for World War II shooters.

Catering to this need, the firm is releasing Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad, an FPS that puts players in the military boots of both Russian and German soldiers during some of the conflict’s pivotal battles.

The main campaign focuses on the Battle of Stalingrad, and the surrounding operations that took place from July 1942 to February 1943. Players will experience the action from both sides, providing a detailed account of this period. 

That's Unreal

Locations and weapons have been painstakingly recreated using Unreal Engine 3, while accurate bullet penetration, a cover system and first-person tank levels make the title immersive.

As well as mastering the main campaign, there’s a multiplayer mode available to players. Stat tracking shows them their strengths and weaknesses so they can hone their skills over time.

"The original Red Orchestra is still a big success on the retail side," says head of PR and marketing Claas Wolter. 

“And Red Orchestra 2 already receives the highest praise from journalists all over the world. The US version of PC Gamer ran a piece stating that “Red Orchestra 2 will beat Call of Duty: Black Ops”, so we’re looking forward to a great PC FPS experience here."

Lace Mamba Global will be promoting the game with a print and online campaign, led by ads in Edge, PC Gamer and GamesTM.


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