Secret Mysteries in London

Release date February 10th 2012 Price £29.99
Format 3DS
Publisher Distributor Open
Developer - Contact n/a
Dominic Sacco

Secret Mysteries in London

Females, non-gamers and puzzle fans have flocked to hidden object games in their droves over the past few years.

The puzzle-based titles – which challenge users to spot hard-to-find items across a range of sprawling 2D landscapes – have found a home on PC and DS. But they haven’t arrived on Nintendo’s 3DS handheld. Until now.

Introducing Secret Mysteries in London, a £29.99 hidden object title for 3DS set in the early 1920s, which tasks players with discovering the identity of a serial killer. Unlike other hidden object games, players can explore locations in full 360-degree 3D, using the 3DS’ technology.

Licensed 4U MD Adam Prichard says: “Secret Mysteries in London has been developed especially for the 3DS and is the first hidden object game to release on this format. The 3D effect allows the gamer to really get immersed into the atmospheric gameplay and gives them a much better gaming experience.

“With these games being so popular on the DS we can now offer more to this consumer.”

Users are taken across 14 different crime scene locations as they search far and wide for hidden objects in London, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam and Washington.

Gameplay flips between present day and the 1920s. It follows a journalist who reads a diary of deceased forensic investigator Dr. Oscar Gaebelein. Players can then go back in time and search for clues as Gaebelein himself.

Gaebelein was hot on the heels of a serial killer, known only as ‘The Sculptor. Who is The Sculptor? Why did he attract Dr. Gaebelein? And why is a journalist – 80 years after the events – so fascinated in the case? These are the questions the gamer must find answers to in this latest title from Licensed 4U.


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