Release date May 25th 2012 Price n/a
Format PS3
Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) Distributor CentreSoft
Developer - Contact 0121 625 3388
Billy Langsworthy


PlayStation Move has enabled gamers to carry out things they might dream of in reality. Dancing a number on Broadway, working out with Spice Girl’s Mel B or even performing Kung Fu whilst riding an office chair.

Now, in the latest PlayStation Move exclusive, Sorcery, players can become a powerful in-game magician. It’s an immersive spell-casting experience that transforms the Move motion controller into a magic wand, and is a family-friendly third-person adventure to boot.

Playing as Finn, a young apprentice to a powerful sorcerer, the game pits players against a whole range of evil creatures and towering monsters. It’s set after the Nightmare Queen breaks a promise made with mankind by threatening to cloak the world in a dark, never-ending night.

With eight different spells at their disposal, would-be sorcerers can now send powerful waves of magic with just a twist of the wrist, or a swing of the arm, thanks to the PlayStation Move.

“Sorcery raises the bar for Move titles, and our retail expectations are reflective of that,” says Sony’s UK product manager John Aikins.

“With a comprehensive marketing campaign and great early press feedback, Sorcery is the perfect title for all households. It’s a great advertisement for the benefits of PlayStation Move.”

Magic Moves

Alongside mastering spell combinations, players will also have puzzles to complete and items to collect. They can also mix over 50 potions in order to make the transformation from a lowly apprentice to wizard.

Whether it’s freezing a banshee or engulfing dead warriors in a firestorm, players will have to battle across five realms and fight in locations that include the Kingdom of the Dead and the Faerie Forest, each brimming with different monsters and challenges. Gamers can summon the power to attack, defend and enchant in Sorcery. They can wield all manner of magic types including the power of ice, fire, earth, arcane, wind and even lightning.

With plenty of different worlds to explore, villains to destroy and spell movements to perfect, Sony will be hoping it has conjured up its most successful PlayStation Move release yet.

Magical marketing

There will be TV advertising around Ben 10, Star Wars Clone Wars and Transformers on Cartoon Network, as well as cinema ads targeting viewers of Men in Black III. There will also be retail point-of-sale materials and print ads in Future Publishing magazines, as well as online activity on kids sites.

Sorcery bundles

Sony says it will be working closely with retail to drive sales of the £30.99 standalone Sorcery game, £70.99 bundle (which includes the game and PlayStation Move), and a PS3 hardware bundle. The latter’s price is to be confirmed.

Move it

Since launching in the UK in September 2010, the PlayStation Move motion accessory has gone on to ship more than 10m units worldwide.


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