Release date May 11th 2012 Price n/a
Format PS3
Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) Distributor CentreSoft
Developer - Contact 0121 625 3388
Billy Langsworthy


Step into the leather boots of an intergalactic gunslinger in this sci-fi western from the creators of Warhawk. Billy Langsworthy finds out more.

Stepping into the shoes of a hired gunman, players entering the world of Starhawk can explore a blend of sci-fi and western with gameplay featuring guns, flying mechs and a planetary system known as the Frontier.

Playing as powerful gunslinger Emmett Graves, Starhawk focuses on the war between two rival factions: the peaceful human colony of Rifters and the deadly warriors known as Outcasts. Both sides want control over the dangerous Rift Energy substance that left Graves himself partially mutated. 

“We expect Starhawk to be extremely popular with the core end of the shooter market,” says Sony UK product manager Kerri West.

“After all it is the successor to one of the first great online shooter multiplayers, Warhawk, which is still one of the Top Five most downloaded titles from PSN and over the years has acquired a cult-like status.

“Our confidence is supported by the very impressive download number and average playtime of the Starhawk beta which was made available via PSN in February."

Build a Battlefield

With a whole host of weaponry and vehicles at their disposal, players can look forward to high-octane conflicts that are fought on the ground and in the air. The game’s flying mechs allow gamers to stage explosive aerial dogfights.

Starhawk is looking to draw in fans of both third-person shooter and real time strategy titles thanks to its new Build and Battle system. This feature gives gamers the chance to gain an advantage in conflicts by constructing and upgrading turrets and bunkers in the middle of a battle. These structures can later be upgraded with better defence and more firepower.

An expansive online multiplayer battle mode caters for up to 32 players. Consumers can also team up with three friends – either offline or online – and take on the co-op multiplayer campaign mode. 

With the chance to showcase achievements via online leaderboards and a companion Android app quenching players thirsts for stats when offline, Starhawk is sure to appeal to fans of genre crossovers with its sci-fi/western blend and shooter/real time strategy gameplay fusion.

Limited edition

Consumers who pre-order the title will receive the limited edition content bundle. This package contains maps, themes, skins and bonus content including the Maw of Despair Outcast pack, the Echo Scrapyard Rifter pack, the Starhawk concept art PS3 theme and the official soundtrack.

Marketing assault

Sony will ensure the game is at the forefront of consumers’ minds come launch with an in-store campaign and ads across gaming sites. There will also be promotions in gaming and male lifestyle publications encouraging pre-orders.

Closer to release, Sony’s focus will shift to specialist games publications and online takeovers of key websites. Promotion will also target fans of Warhawk on Sony’s PlayStation Access Facebook page.


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