Steel Diver

Dominic Sacco

Steel Diver

After it’s first incarnation as a tech demo designed to show off the wonders of the DS touch screen back in 2004, Steel Diver has finally arrived as a game in it’s own right.

The game is a 3D underwater experience that Shigeru Miyamoto described at E3’s Nintendo Developer Roundtable as being ‘almost like you have your own submarine pet in an aquarium’.

In Nintendo’s Steel Diver, players step into the damp shoes of a secret submarine fleet captain as they plunge to the depths of the ocean, experiencing 3D environments fraught will enemy ships and dangerous obstacles.

Steel Diver’s use of the handheld’s 3D visuals helps to make exploring the underwater locations a deeply immersive experience. Players will experience roaring waves and torpedoes being fired towards the top screen.

Mission Mode gives players the opportunity to take command of one of three submarines, each with differing pros and cons, including steering styles and torpedo types.

Players will encounter a range of enemy ships and boss battles as well as obstacles that threaten to send them straight to the murky depths of the ocean.

Natural hazards such as rock obstructions can be blasted away whilst water mines, homing missiles and volcanic eruptions have to be skilfully avoided.

Earn your sea legs

If a troublesome three-point turn leaves consumers with a leaky ship, gamers can use the stylus to repair any damage by pumping out water as well as to control the two levers that send the submarine forward, backward, up and down.

There are plenty of other challenges too. In Periscope Mode, players can either use the built in gyro sensor and spin themselves around or move the dial to spin the periscope and destroy as many approaching enemy ships as possible.

A Time Attack Mode puts players through their paces as they race through levels against the clock, and the battleship-like Steel Commander Mode gives gamers the chance to do battle against another player, hiding and attacking in a strategy-based game played on a grid.

With a range of different modes and detailed underwater worlds, Steel Diver looks set to be an engaging addition to Nintendo’s line up of 3DS titles.


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