Street Fighter X Tekken

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Street Fighter X Tekken

In 2010 Capcom and Namco Bandai made an announcement that would excite even the most cynical fighting game fanatic.

Each developer-publisher would make their own game featuring the characters of Street Fighter and Tekken, bringing the worlds of two of the biggest brawler IPs together in their own way for the first time.

Street Fighter X Tekken is Capcom’s take on the amalgamation, and the first of the two games.Considering Street Fighter is Capcom’s second biggest franchise after Resident Evil, with sales of 32m units, the name alone is enough to get fans rushing to retailers. Combine this with Namco’s Tekken series, which boasts sales of 39m, and you have a game with strong potential.

“This is the first time two of the biggest fighting franchises have come together, in what’s going to be the biggest match-up in video gaming history,” says Capcom’s Adam Merrett.

“Like every other fighting fan, I’m sure you used to dream about being able to pound Kazuya with Ryu, and now you can. No two triple-A franchises have collaborated together like this before.”

Playing tag

Street Fighter X Tekken allows players to control a tag team of two fighters, who can be called upon one at a time. Consumers can choose from heaps of characters from both IPs, including Ryu and Chun-Li from Street Fighter, and Heihachi and Yoshimitsu from Tekken.

The game features a new Gem System, where up to three crystals can be equipped in order to tailor a tag team. A total of 57 gems are included in-game.

Other features include a four-player battle royale, a training mode and Pandora mode, which lets users sacrifice one of their characters to make the other stronger.

The title uses the popular Street Fighter IV game engine, while adding two-fighter Cross Assault attacks, Super Art moves and controls that promise to ‘feel familiar for fans of both series’.

Crossover marketing

Online ads will appear on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, as well as specialist video games sites and a number of homepage takeovers. 30-second pre-roll ads and banners will go live as part of a two-week above-the-line campaign, as will mobile ads.

Fight Club

Street Fighter X Tekken has been promoted at a series of Fight Club events across the UK, where gamers were able to get hands-on with the title and meet popular Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono. More events will run this year.

Marvellous combos

Street Fighter X Tekken is not the first crossover fighting game, of course. There have been several popular releases combining two franchises, including the Marvel vs Capcom  series, which has sold millions of units worldwide to date.

Sticks and stones

Mad Catz has produced a range of official Street Fighter X Tekken game accessories, including FightPad controllers and Pro and VS FightSticks. Two VS products can even be connected together to simulate a multiplayer arcade cabinet.


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