Supremacy MMA

Dominic Sacco

Supremacy MMA

From specialist dev team Kung Fu Factory comes Supremacy MMA – the most brutal and bone-crunching fighting game ever unleashed.

True to the street spirit of Mixed Martial Arts, the game concentrates on delivering the down and dirty reality of unsanctioned hand-to-hand combat rather than branding and flashy TV-style presentation.

It also focuses on the hard fought rise of individual fighters from some pretty desperate backgrounds as they struggle to make a name for themselves and money for their families. All of them aiming for supremacy.

In recent years MMA has, to some extent, gone mainstream. Supremacy stays outside the all-seater arenas and has no room for big foam fingers. It draws on the sport’s underground roots not its high profile stars and sponsors.

Players can choose from a wide variety of fighting styles, each of them executed in fast and fluid arcade style.

They will also be able to follow the careers of real fighters, including former UFC lightweight champion Jens Pulver, and two female fighters (the first ever to appear in any MMA game), Felice Herrig and Michele Gutierrez.

In keeping with the rest of the game, the stars of Supremacy are fighters that have often gone into the ring as underdog and have had to overcome hardship and setbacks to survive and progress.

Complete with an online element built from the ground up, Supremacy aims to raise the bar within the MMA gaming sector – and be the first title that stays true to the roots and reality of the sport. Its accuracy is all about the breaking of bone, the crunching of cartilage and the flow of blood. Not the exact position of a sponsor’s logo on a spandex leotard.

505 is targeting core males online through Google, YouTube and Facebook, as well as gaming and MMA sites.

The publisher also sponsored UCMMA 19 Lights Out Event in March. Sponsorship included the SMMA logo on the mat, double-sided flyer at the event, flyers sent out with the UCMMA mailer to a database of MMA fans and a full page in the programme. In addition the event was televised on Sky Sports 4 with SMMA bumper ads in and around each advert break. 


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