The Settlers Online

Billy Langsworthy

The Settlers Online

With more than 5.2m regiestered users worldwide – more than 150,000 of which in the UK – The Settlers Online is hoping to find an equally well populated home in retail with the launch of it’s boxed iteration.

“It is a step for retailers to enter the digital space and make additional revenue on digital content. The Settlers Online is the perfect opportunity for them to enter and promote F2P games,” says Thomas Paincon, Ubisoft’s free-to-play publishing director.

“Some players tend to trust what packaged goods offer, even for F2P online titles, more than spending money directly online. The Settlers brand has been known for years and this starter pack is a great opportunity for players to test this new online version.”

Both Settlers veterans and those new to the title can enjoy exclusive adventure and tactical maps courtesy of an extra resource pack and the included ‘The Nords 1’ mission.

“Being a browser game, technical constraints are close to nothing for players and will encourage people to join The Settlers Online community,” adds Paincon.

Blue Byte look set to continuously improve the game with content launching in 2013 including a player versus player system and a new science system which allows gamers to specialise in aspects such as production and the military.


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