Time and Eternity: Trade Spotlight

Release date June 28th 2013 Price n/a
Format PS3
Publisher NIS America Distributor Open
Developer - Contact n/a

Time and Eternity: Trade Spotlight

MCV looks at NIS America and Reef Entertainment's Time and Eternity.

We detail the in-game features, in-store extras and marketing plan for the game.

Jaspreet Marwaha, community manager, PR & marketing assistant at Reef Entertainment, tells MCV why the firm feels Time and Eternity is the best RPG of the summer.

Time and Eternity is released on June 28th.





- This RPG follows Toki, a bride who uses her time magic to travel into the past when her groom is assassinated on their wedding day. The attack also unleashes Toki’s dual soul Towa, a more volatile, unstable character.

- Everything is hand drawn with CGI backdrops, from the colourful game world that players get to explore to the action-packed battles.

- Both Toki and Towa have different attacking skills, with Toki a master of sword skills and time magic whilst Towa’s speciality lies in close combat. Players will switch between the two every time they level up.


NIS America has partnered with GAME to sell an exclusive 20-page soft-cover art book pre-order bonus. The art book contains images of Vofan’s original hand drawn artwork of Toki, Towa, The Hero and several other characters from the game.



NIS America showed off the game at the MCM London Comic Con at the end of May and Time and Eternity will also be promoted via NIS America’s European Facebook and Twitter channels.

RPGs have had a lot of success this year already, with the likes of Persona 4 Golden and Ni No Kuni both reaching No.1 on their respective formats.
We feel that Time and Eternity could be one of the best releases of the summer, if not the best RPG of the summer. Gaming summers can seem like a bit of a drought but a game like Time and Eternity will tempt gamers looking to try something new.
We are focused on bringing out another profitable game for our retail partners and hope to replicate the recent JRPG success stories in the UK.






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