Titanfall - Retail Essentials

Release date April 11th 2014 Price n/a
Format Xbox 360
Publisher EA Distributor CentreSoft
Developer - Contact 0121 625 3388

Titanfall - Retail Essentials

MCV looks at EA's blockbuster shooter – one of the first big next-gen titles of 2014. 

Titanfall is out for Xbox One and PC on March 14th, and on Xbox 360 on March 28th. 

Titanfall is one of the biggest Microsoft-exclusive titles coming to the market this year. It received over 60 awards at E3 2013.

The title is being developed by Respawn Entertainment, a studio built from former Infinity Ward developers – the creators of Call of Duty.

The game casts players as free-running soldiers, who are incredibly mobile, have jet packs and can even wall run. This mixes up the traditional FPS formula by adding a sense of verticality.

Soldiers can periodically take control of Titans, giant mechs that come in a variety of shapes and sizes – the Atlas is smaller but agile, while the Ogre is a slow, well- armoured dealer of death.

Titans come with unique abilities, too, including the vortex blocker, which stops enemy bullets in the air, or electrified smoke, which hurts players trying to scale and stop Titans.

The mechs can also act without player input, including modes where they follow and guard gamers.

Gamers gain Titans by engaging in combat. At the start of the match, there is a timer until a mech is dropped – this is reduced by fighting opponents. This timer is reset when Titans are destroyed.

Titanfall is online only. There are single player elements, but gamers will always be playing alongside other fans. A maximum of twelve players are allowed in each battle.

The title also uses Microsoft’s cloud technology to offload functions such as physics and artificial intelligence, leaving the machines to deal with graphics.

Alongside this blockbuster title, Prima Games have released a limited edition hardcover game guide.

This is in addition to Titan Books who have published a hardcover Art of Titanfall book, which gives gamers a behind the scenes look at EA’s mech title.

Microsoft has also released a special edition Titanfall controller, emblazoned with imagery from the title.

Furthermore, K’Nex has released Titanfall model sets which will sit well with the hardcore fans.

To support Titanfall, EA has been pushing the title’s Beta which has been immensely popular.

The game has been promoted over TV, as well as in cinemas in order to target a broader audience. Online, EA has been talking to the game’s core audience with digital and social media activity over the likes of Facebook and?Twitter.

Microsoft has been providing first party support by pushing the title over its social and online channels, as well as via the Xbox Dashboard.

Prior to this marketing spend, EA was making sure that the title appears at the top of Google and YouTube searches.


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