Xenoblade Chronicles

Release date August 19th 2011 Price n/a
Format Wii
Publisher Nintendo Distributor Open
Developer - Contact n/a
James Batchelor

Xenoblade Chronicles

In an era where worldwide game releases are almost simultaneous, there are still a number of titles that never make it beyond Japan.

Xenoblade Chronicles could have been one such game. But this ambitious and epic Wii JRPG soon garnered the attention of gamers the world over, prompting strong demand for Nintendo to release it in other territories. The platform holder has now obliged.

Landing in the UK on August 19th, Xenoblade puts players in the shoes of Shulk, a warrior that wields the mythical sword Monado. Using this powerful weapon, Shulk and his companions journey the lands of Bionis and Mechonis as they strive to end the war between humans and robots.

The key selling point is the sheer scale of the adventure. The landscapes are by far the biggest ever seen in a Wii title, sprawling far into the distance and giving players plenty to explore.

Gameplay is reminiscent of MMORPGs and traditional JRPGs in which gamers pick up a wide variety of quests to complete as they discover each new area. Battles are in real-time, with players selecting special attacks that use the Monado’s power to help Shulk gain an advantage.

“Xenoblade is a niche franchise in the UK and will appeal to RPG and JRPG fans, especially those who enjoyed Monster Hunter Tri on Wii,” says Nintendo marketing assistant Vanisha Kavia. “There is a lot of high interest from fans on this title as it is a European exclusive.”

Nintendo will be primarily promoting Xenoblade Chronicles online, with takeovers planned for key fan sites dedicated to Nintendo titles, RPG games and JRPGs.

Ads will also point to a GAME and Gamestation-exclusive bundle to drive pre-orders. The SKU contains a copy of the game and a red Classic Controller Pro.


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