Zumba Fitness 2

Release date November 25th 2011 Price n/a
Format Wii
Publisher 505 Games Distributor Advantage Distribution
Developer - Contact 0121 506 9590
Dominic Sacco

Zumba Fitness 2

Achieving 13 No.1 positions in the UK All Formats charts is an incredible feat to say the least.

If you’d have asked us this time last year which game would have reached such a milestone in 2011, we perhaps would have guessed Call of Duty or FIFA. And although there’s no denying Zumba Fitness’ unique selling points, we’re fairly sure no-one would’ve guessed that would be the title to claim such a sales landmark.

Although Zumba Fitness first hit shelves on Xbox 360 Kinect around this time last year, it was the Wii version that sent it to No.1. Zumba was the game that capitalised on the annual summer games drought, selling around 1m units in the UK to date and 3m worldwide. 

Now 505 is releasing its sequel on Wii just in time for the Christmas gifting period.

“Given the fact that Zumba has been the No.1 selling Wii title of 2011, there is massive excitement amongst retail about the prospect of a second version,” 505’s general manager for UK and export Ralph Pitt-Stanley tells MCV.

“Zumba has already proven itself as an evergreen product that sells each and every week. This kind of excitement creates a fantastic prospect for the second game. It really is the perfect Christmas stocking present.”

More fitness moves

Zumba Fitness 2 features 32 new dance tracks from the Zumba program plus hits from Pitbull, Nicole Scherzinger and more. 

Players will be able to customise their own in-game class with their favourite routines and track burnt calories over time. There are also Single Song, Full Class and Zumba Party modes – the latter of which supports up to four dancers.

Zumba Fitness 2 is all set to get the nation grooving yet again, and its release window means it’ll make both a top Christmas present and New Year buy for those who want to lose some weight in January.

X Factor ads

The sequel was announced via a series of TV ads during X Factor in late October. 505 chose the show to remind viewers about the original’s success and highlight the new game’s release date.

What is Zumba?

Zumba is a fitness program which pairs dance routines with international music. Over 12m people attend Zumba classes worldwide across 125 countries. There’s probably one in your local gym.

Marketing grooves

505 is following up on its X Factor ads with additional TV and online support. Zumba Fitness 2 will also be featured in Christmas must-have lists in several mainstream and women’s publications.

‘Our success is down to the fans’

505 Games’ general manager for UK and export Ralph Pitt-Stanley says it’s the passionate Zumba fanatics that helped made the original game such a success. But who are they?

“Zumba is a huge phenomenon which has taken the world by storm,” he says. “Already in the hearts and minds of thousands of women, the [original] game was a natural progression and it too has grown as the brand itself has become even more popular.

"Zumba has such a wide appeal, ranging from kids, teenagers, mums and grandmothers. It has been these fans that have created the momentum for Zumba Fitness. They are amongst the most avid and loyal fans out there, wanting to consume all things Zumba, starting with the class itself to the clothing through to the video game. 

“The success of the game is down to the fans’ enthusiasm for the brand.”


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