ME Reports

You have a business plan to write.

Your boss wants it yesterday.

Don't panic. ME has been reporting the mobile content business for six years, day in day out. Now, we're preparing to extend our repertoire of services to include specialist sector reports.

And we're making them affordable enough to go on your expenses.

We're responding to demand from readers for insightful, accurate and comprehensive information. We know how much you love the huge trove of free reporting available on the ME site. We're delighted to provide it.

However, some of our supporters have expressed a desire for longer-form content on specific industry sectors. They want reports that provide a full picture, comprising elements such as:

  • Key issues explained
  • Company profiles
  • Round up of recent news announcements
  • Technical challenges
  • Business models

This is exactly what you'll get from an ME report.

Mobile must be one of the most over-crowded industries in the world when it comes to research. If you want a publication that costs £5,000 and weighs the same as a phone directory, you'll be spoiled for choice.

But we believe there's a gap for something more targeted and succinct that costs a tenth of the price.

So we're delighted to confirm that the first two reports will be published shortly, with more planned for 2011...

Mobile commerce and payments
After nearly ten years, the m-payments space has reached a tipping point. Mobile payments used to mean one thing - using the phone bill to pay for digital content like ringtones or games. But in the last 18 months it's been transformed in two ways. First, giant companies like PayPal and Mastercard have moved in to make the phone a viable channel for transactions by their account holders. Second, the prospect of using mobile to pay for physical goods has been opened up by technology such as NFC and 'bump'. Suddenly the world is all over mobile payments. Even Google is rumoured to be planning an assault. But it's a bewildering space, with so many competing technologies and business models. ME's report will provide a clear path through this exciting space.

In 2010, Apple did it again, re-skinning an old technology with an exquisite user interface inside a delightful hardware package. iPad kickstarted the tablet market, a full decade after Microsoft tried to establish the form factor. Now, observers expect Apple to sell over 40m in 2011 while various Android and other devices providing vigorous competition. So what are the prospects for content publishers and brands? Can new media formats replace old media revenues? How will the hardware evolve? Let ME be your guide through this exciting new space.

For more information on the above reports and others that we are working on, contact Tim Green or call +44 (0) 1992 535 646.