Job Details

Position: Director of Publishing (Oceania)
Employer: Riot Games
Category: Management
Location: Australia - Sydney
Salary: POA
Date posted: Sunday, July 6th 2014


As Director of Publishing (Oceania), you’ll set the pace and strategic direction for Riot Games’ promotional efforts in Oceania. You’ll identify marketing goals, grow the esports scene and help support the growth and vibrance of the League of Legends community. You’re looking ahead to designing and developing experiences that genuinely engage players and encourage them to set the interwebs abuzz with their ongoing conversations. Your in-depth knowledge of community trends and esports in the region will help you craft authentic messaging that stays focused on local players. With your network already established, you’ll also be able to recruit, retain and grow professionals who’ll help you reach your strategic goals for marketing, esports and community initiatives.  You recognize that success means distilling your big picture vision for the team into engaging player experiences the local community embraces.

 As a Sydney Rioter, you’ll join a small team that shares our focus on player experience, rejection of convention and maniacal passion for gaming. With teams in Community, Esports and Marketing, Riot Games Sydney will create bonzer player experiences in and around League of Legends.

 You will:

  • Drive the strategic goals and execute a wide variety of concurrent projects for the region, including marketing and PR, community initiatives and esports development
  • Draw on your intimate understanding of Oceania’s players, identifying and proposing new features and messaging that drive player engagement, while inspiring new players to give us a try
  • Build crack squads for Community, Esports and Marketing/PR and use your experience to inspire and nurture their development
  • Ensure that marketing assets, web content and community materials are of the highest standard and representative of a player-focused approach
  • Drive existing and future promotional campaigns for Riot Games in Oceania, splitting your time as necessary between Santa Monica and Sydney.

You are:

  • Educated and experienced: you’re a learned scholar, and probably an MBA as well; you’ve created campaigns that champion player experience while challenging marketing conventions in the gaming industry for at least four years
  • A communications guru: your well-honed presentation, persuasion and interpersonal skills help you effectively communicate goals and strategies to your fellow Rioters
  • Analytical: you’re able to expertly explore metrics and analyze gamer trends to construct business cases that support your initiatives, help establish best practices, position products and develop strategies for creative and media
  • Player-focused: you love PC gaming (particularly League of Legends) and harness this affection to build promotions that you’d love to see and that you know will resonate with players throughout Oceania
  • Problem assassin: you conduct problem reconnaissance and termination with the skill and ruthlessness of Agent 007; you’re an expert at root cause analysis, and problems fall swiftly under the sharp edge of your keen intellect