Job Details

Position: Talent Operations Manager
Employer: Riot Games
Category: Technical Product Manager
Location: Australia - Sydney
Salary: POA
Date posted: Sunday, July 6th 2014


As Talent Ops Coordinator you’ll be a beacon of personability, cultivating relationships with Rioters and developing talent programs that’ll keep them on top of their game. Your experience working with a talented team along with your warm and inviting personality, unparalleled communication skills, and proactive approach to projects will help you foster an environment where Rioters thrive and evolve.  

As a Rioter in Sydney, you’ll join a tight-knit team that shares our focus on player experience, rejection of convention and maniacal passion for gaming. With teams in Community, Esports and Marketing, Oceanic Rioters will create awesome player experiences in and around League of Legends.


  • Process all talent-related documentation including staffing, training, grievances, and performance evaluations
  • Inform Rioters and potential Rioters on company people policies, benefits and procedures
  • Develop and evaluate learning activities to ensure the team keeps pace with the needs of the industry, extending programs from other offices to OCE
  • Own talent programs in Oceania including the internship program
  • Provide tactical support to teams when necessary


  • Educated and experienced: you’ve earned a bachelor’s degree and have three to five years experience under your belt in a talent-related position or related field
  • A people person: you put a premium on building meaningful relationships; your personable demeanor and warm personality puts people at ease, creating a harmonious atmosphere that not even the cantankerous can withstand
  • A communication specialist:  when you speak, people listen; you effectively communicate your thoughts clearly through any medium, be it email, conference call or coffee machine chit-chat
  • Proactive: you don’t wait to be given orders, and instead eagerly start projects on your own accord; if a new priority pops up, you efficiently switch tasks without a blood pressure spike
  • A gaming empath: you empathise with the needs and wants of gamers because you’re a card-carrying member of the gaming community yourself; you’re continually up on gaming culture, the subculture and the sub-subculture