1 week, 3.2m sales - FIFA 12 is a hit

Ben Parfitt
1 week, 3.2m sales - FIFA 12 is a hit

FIFA 12 was released just last week (September 30th) and already the game has achieved total worldwide sales of 3.2m units, according to internal EA estimates.

That makes it the biggest ever launch in the history of EA Sports and represents a staggering 23 per cent year-on-year improvement. It was the third biggest UK launch ever behind only Modern Warfare 2 and COD: Black Ops.

Currently FIFA 12 is carrying a score of 90 and 91 per cent on Metacritic, rivalling last year’s record-breaking performance for the series.

The game also lead to EA Sports’ busiest ever day of online gaming, with around 10m sessions taking place on October 1st.

It’s also a big middle finger to analysts who continue to predict the demise of annual premium console releases in the face of the increasing number of free-to-play games available – such as EA’s own FIFA Superstars.

"FIFA 12 is a stunning achievement by our team at EA Canada," EA Sports VP Andrew Wilson stated.

"The massive FIFA online community has overwhelmingly connected to the new live services in the game, including EA Sports Football Club, and we intend to keep them engaged all season long as FIFA 12 follows the heartbeat of the football season."


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I've read quite a few user comments/reviews that say the game has bugs. I've seen youtube videos of players spazzing out with the new impact engine too. Yet the game has received high 90's - 100 out of 100 on metacritic from official reviewers. Surely they were playing the same demo and the same game as the public? Why is there no mention of these glitches in their reviews? Can anyone confirm/deny?

I haven't had a chance, and won't for some time, to play FIFA12, but as a FIFA fan I look forward to it.

Darren Bennett

Darren Bennett INDUSTRY
Oct 5th 2011 at 10:58PM

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