10m marker set for 360

June 21st by Stuart Dinsey

Microsoft must look to hit 10m global sales of Xbox 360 within 12-16 months if it is to make the most of its first-mover advantage.

That was the candid comment from worldwide marketing and publishing head Peter Moore this morning, talking at the International Games Summit in London.

Towards the end of a lively presentation mapping out why Microsoft believes its mix of brand strength, leading edge content and online services can push 360 into an early leadership position over Sony’s later-launching PS3, Moore (pictured) was asked how many units he thought needed to be shifted during the gap.

“We don’t know exactly when PS3 will launch, and I’m not making an official forecast for the 360, but we do know that there is a target of the first 10 million units when you launch a new format,” he answered.

“And we think we can get to that pretty quickly in global terms – hopefully within the first 12 to 16 months.”


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