2011 - An industry's hopes

Ben Parfitt
2011 - An industry's hopes

Kudo Tsunoda – Creative Director, Xbox
“I’m looking forward to seeing more people playing games. Since the launch of Kinect, we’ve seen many people who don’t consider themselves gamers having fun on Xbox 360. It reminds me of when I used to go to arcades as a kid and you would see all different types of people having a great time.”

Kim Bayley – Director General, ERA
“I am looking forward to working with the games industry for a successful implementation of the new PEGI system. It is going to take a huge effort on the part of retail, but we are glad  to have finally settled on one system, which hopefully will be understood by all.”

Andrew House – President, SCEE
“There is a game that we have just announced [Uncharted 3] which I am particularly looking forward to because I think it is absolutely stunning.”

Damian Butt – Managing Director, Imagine Publishing
“2011 is the year Imagine starts to motor thanks to our portfolio strategy, the growth of NowGamer, the sleeper success of our digital editions. Expect some really exciting announcements. I’m also interested to see what the Respawn boys come up. Let’s hope it’s not a Jon Romero Daikatana situation.”

Adam Davis – Trading Director, GAME
“Once PEGI is implemented, it will bring clarity. As games become more mainstream, we have to take our legal responsibilities seriously to explain what is in every title. As the specialists, we want to make sure that customers leave our stores with the right games for them. All retailers have got to get this right.”

Brian Farrell – President and CEO, THQ
“With the expected new triple-A IPs from breakout creative talents, forward-thinking business models, rule-breaking gameplay, and expansion of transmedia, we predict 2011 will be the year that the industry pushed the boundaries and re-imagined what video games are and what they can be.”

Rob Salter – Category Director – Entertainment, Tesco
“I’m looking forward to more fantastic and innovative software and hardware to drive our business to even greater heights in 2011.”

Robert Nashak – VP of Digital Entertainment, BBC Worldwide

“I’m looking forward to seeing distribution democratisation take hold in 2011 with the iTunes App Store, Android Market, Chrome Web Store, Mac App Store and others providing more avenues for players to discover great games. Oh, and The Last Guardian!”

Chris Lewis – VP, Interactive Entertainment Business, EMEA, Microsoft

“For me, 2011 will be about continuing to offer amazing experiences to our core audience and those who have recently ‘jumped in’. Also, given the momentum around Kinect, we will make huge strides in our audience growth and appeal.”

David Yarnton – General Manager, Nintendo UK
“I’m really looking forward to the 3DS not just because it is a fantastic product but also because it is another example of how innovative Nintendo is. And how we as a company continue to lead in product development like with the original DS and Wii, where others try to follow.”

Ian Livingstone – Eidos Life President, Square Enix Europe

“I look forward to Manchester City winning the Premiership! Failing that, I’m looking forward to my Video Games Skills Review being published with hope that the policy recommendations might lead to a change in government policy on education and skills.”

Michael Rawlinson – Director General, UKIE
“Seeing the video games and interactive entertainment sector being rightfully recognised as the UK’s leading creative industry.”

Andy Payne – Managing Director, Mastertronic
“Having one truly representative, democratic, open, forward looking, not self interested, cool trade association for the industry old and new.”

Craig McNicol – Managing Director, Koch Media
“It would have to be the 3DS. It’s time for the market to regroup around innovation, designed by the best gaming minds the planet has to offer. Oh, sometimes how I wish I was Japanese.”

Andrew Thompson – Head of Games, Asda
“It has to be 3DS. Nothing ignites the games market more than a new hardware launch, and 3DS is set to be the hottest product of 2011. I think 3DS will have huge  appeal, and I am personally looking forward to re-discovering one of my all time favourite games, Pilotwings.”

Sarah Jasper – Head of Business Development, The Hut Group

“With last year being such a spectacular event, I’m excited to see what’s in store for E3 2011.  It’s a haven for everything gaming, and the hub of all major gaming announcements.”

Nick Sultanti – Games Buyer, Morrisons

“To be honest I’m most looking forward to the arrival of the 3DS, which should give a decent boost to the handheld market.”

Azeem Sadiq – Category Buyer – Games Comet
“I’m looking forward to 3D – this will only get bigger in 2011. With the upcoming content, movies, games and hardware, it’s going to create a buzz and literally jump out and grab consumers.”

Phil Moore – Sales Director, Grainger Games
“We are very excited by Nintendo 3DS and we look forward to this exciting innovation bringing 3D gaming to a mass market, and the sales that will deliver.”

Rod Cousens – CEO, Codemasters
“Industry growth fuelled by new platforms such as 3DS, which looks set to be a market mover. Franchises will generate more revenues than ever before through digital micro transactions overlaying the core game, and hardware will get ever cheaper resulting in ever more software sales.”

Miles Jacobson – Studio Director, Sports Interactive
“Having been lucky to try out a beta version, I’m most looking forward to the new Virtua Tennis release, with a Move and a 3D TV. I’m really looking forward to March’s Nordoff Robbins Football Extravaganza dinner which is sponsored by Tesco – it’s always a great night and raised over £350k last year.”

Rupert Loman – Managing Director, Eurogamer
“I’m looking forward to the release of Duke Nukem. It feels like I’ve been waiting forever.”

Darryl Still – International Publishing Director, 1C
“I am looking forward to the realisation of a truly digital market, where software is downloaded via even faster broadband lines, and is played utilising even more cool wireless devices in 3D and HD. Retail can replace their lost software revenue with sales of these peripherals.”

Heiko Hubertz – Founder and CEO, Bigpoint
“I’m looking forward to the launch of our high-end browser games, Battlestar Galactica Online and Ruined Online. I believe they’ll have a profound effect on the state of the art of online gaming. In addition, I believe that tablet PCs are poised to become one of the most popular game platforms.”

Ian Chambers – International VP & Managing Director, IGN
“Doom 4. Why? It’s hard to beat the atmosphere of switching the lights off, putting headphones on and playing Doom.  I was shit scared when I played Doom 3 and I still regularly revisit it.”

Mike Hayes – CEO, Sega Europe and Sega America
“I want 2011 to be a great year for a little blue hedgehog – as Sonic is 20 years old in June.”

David Reeves – COO, Capcom Europe
“I am looking forward to the Government embracing the opportunity that exists for the UK to become a centre of excellence for developing video game talent. There is no other industry that offers possibilities for graduates  across the spectrum of the sciences, the arts, modern languages and marketing.”

Spencer Crossley – Sales and Marketing director, WBIE UK

“I’m looking forward to our  2011 releases with F.E.A.R 3, Mortal Kombat, The Lord Of The Rings: War In The North, Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters and Batman: Arkham City. I’m also really looking forward to 3D gaming, particularly Mortal Kombat on PS3.”

Jon Rooke – UK Head of Marketing, THQ
“With uDraw literally flying off the shelves in the US I’m really looking forward to bringing it to market in the UK and enabling unique and creative ways for consumers to play with their Wiis. I just hope the US doesn’t sell too many or we’ll be short on stock.”

David Clark – Co-Founder and Director, Green Man Gaming

“Continued growth in the PC digital download market. As the technical barriers become smaller and the publishers increase their portfolio of PC titles in response to growing revenues, the numbers of customers purchasing games digitally will continue to increase.”


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