220,000 launch day PS3s for UK retail

Speaking to Steve Boxer at Spong, Maguire said:

“[The UK] constitutes just over 22 per cent of the market in PAL – I say PAL rather than Europe, because PAL now extends out to over 100 territories, and some of those territories are quite strong. For instance, we have some of the strongest Middle Eastern and Russian sales forces compared to competing products.

“That means my overall number is a bit lower than it would be if I had a less well-established product. So we’re round about the 22 per cent mark which, if you divided that into the million would give you 220,000 units.”

However, Maguire added that he would try his best to get the territory more units, and heralded PS3’s launch as “the biggest the games industry has ever seen”.

Maguire said: “I think if I go down on bended knee, I might get a little bit more [and] I will try to get as many units as I possibly can. But it will certainly be the biggest launch that the games industry has ever seen, in terms of day one numbers into the marketplace. Probably over four times PlayStation One, and close to double the amount of PS2s. So, it’s going to be a logistical nightmare – that’s a lot of trucks to get around. Product is already on its way, on ships, at the moment, and there is more being generated every single day.”

Maguire added that the exchange rate was largely to blame for PS3's £425 price point, and that the system would definitely drop below £400 in the future.

He said: "Of course, I would dearly love to have the PlayStation 3 RRP under £400, and at such time as we can afford to do so, we will."


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