29 games for Euro PSP launch

18 May 2005 By Neil Long

An impressive 29 games are to accompany the official European launch of Sony’s PSP on September 1st, with some of the biggest franchises in the industry set to make their PSP debut.

Among the first-day Sony releases are Ridge Racer, WipEout Pure and Ape Academy, with F1 Grand Prix, MediEvil: Resurrection and World Rally Championship also among the first-party highlights.

Third-party support is also in abundance, with some twenty releases from major publishers. Expected releases within the launch window include EA’s Need for Speed Most Wanted, FIFA Soccer and Burnout Revenge, while Rockstar is planning to release Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories soon after the launch.

PSP’s multimedia features are also well supported, with plans to launch 19 UMD movies by the end of September, and a total of 45 titles set to be released by the end of the year.

Among the movies scheduled for September are Spider-Man 2, A Knights Tale, Bad Boys, The Punisher and Resident Evil: Apocalypse.

For the handheld’s music content, Sony is collaborating with Sanctuary Visual Entertainment to release a range of music videos from artists including Iron Maiden, Bob Marley and INXS, with more contemporary artists promised in the near future. There is also downloadable content planned for use with the console’s memory stick.


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