300,000 PS3 units for UK launch day?

After Sony confirmed that the 60Gb PS3 will arrive in Europe on March 23rd at £425 this morning, UK retailers could well see almost a third of the promised one million PAL units.

Given that the UK market accounts for around 25 to 30 per cent of European business, optimistic forecasts place potential day one shipments for the UK at around the 300,000 units mark.

This would represent numbers far larger than initial launch shipments of rival consoles Xbox 360 and Wii. The predicted 300,000 figure will come as welcome news for retailers preparing to manage the huge consumer demand for Sony’s next-generation console.

"We have not made any official statement on shipment figures at this point," an SCEE spokesperson told MCV. "We will be announcing more details in due course, but in the meantime any figures you see on shipment numbers is speculation."


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