38% annual growth for Chinese games market

Aaron Lee
38% annual growth for Chinese games market

China's game industry is still booming, a new report.

The market last year produced revenues of 83.17bn yuan – that's $13.75 billion in US currency, and represents a growth of 38 per cent year-over-year.

Games in Asia translated the report from Gaming Site 17173 and China's GPC, which oversees and reports on the game industry, and shows that even with all the foreign investment in the country's games market demand hasn't peaked and growth is actually accelerating.

Most of this revenue – a staggering 64.5 per cent ($8.7bn) – was earned by client-based PC games. Browser games brought in over $2bn, while mobile game sales claimed about $1.8bn, or 13.5 per cent. Social and console gamers were relatively small contributers to the market, bringing in less than $1bn and a paltry $15m respectively.

That could change though, as China has loosened the regulations that have kept major consoles out of the country.

Develop has more details.


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