3DS eShop goes live

James Batchelor
3DS eShop goes live

The long-awaited 3DS system update has gone live, unlocking the handheld’s eShop and internet browser.

Nintendo has confirmed that consumers are now able to download both applications, as well as a few free surprises, according to CVG.

Anyone that accesses the eShop before July 7th will be able to download a remastered version of classic NES racer Excitebike, free of charge. They can also download Pokédex 3D, an application that lets fans view their favourite catchable critters in 3D.

Currently available in the eShop are 3DS Virtual Console titles such as Super Mario Land, Alleyway and Tennis. The latter two are priced at £2.70 while Super Mario Land will set you back £3.60.

3DS owners can also download trailers for Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D and Dead or Alive Dimensions.


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