50 things to look out for in 2009 – Part 2

Ben Parfitt
50 things to look out for in 2009 – Part 2

25: Tom Clancy series expands
Ubisoft has a promising line-up of Tom Clancy titles slated for 2009. These Include air-based combat title Hawx, and gamers can also expect to see something of Splinter Cell: Conviction

24: Bizzare’s two unannounced titles

Sarah Chudley, Bizarre Creations director says:“Our New Year’s resolutions is to make Activision proud of their new recruits by developing two triple-A titles for them.”

23: Beat ‘em ups fight back

Beat ‘em ups return this year, with Street Fighter IV on February 20th, and Tekken 6 during Q4.

22: Leipzig/Cologne 2009

The rival German trade fairs run from August 19th to 23rd.

21: APB arrives

Colin Macdonald, Realtime Worlds Studio Manager says: “Our New Year’s Resolutions are to put the finishing touches to our online title APB, see it through one of the biggest game launches of 2009, and contribute to proving that gaming is a formidable industry.”

20: IDEF 2009
The increasingly popular European trade show returns to Cannes on June 30th.

19: Indie revolution

Some independents maybe struggling, but the more savvy store managers are looking to grow in 2009. CHIPS promises exciting new developments for the year, and Grainger Games is already opening more stores in the North of England.

18: Xbox 360 turns four
2009 may be its fourth year, but the 360 isn’t slowing in its old age. Expect new NXE features, big triple-A releases and an increased mass market focus.

17: E3 back to its best?
The glitz and glamour of E3 returns to the Los Angeles Convention Centre from June 2nd – 4th.

16: Modern Warfare to return

World at War may have dominated the charts over Christmas, but expect the return to the popular modern setting to do even better at the end of the year.

15: Develop Conference 2009

The UK's biggest gathering of developers comes round again on July 14th.

14: Emerging markets

Rod Cousens, Codemasters CEO says: “This year I hope retailers and publishers establish a framework to co-exist and grow the industry. Another hope is the escalation of emerging markets.”

13: The Sims 3 arrives

The third in the 100 million unit selling mega franchise hits shelves in March.

12: Wii gets a reboot
Wii Sports Resort could be the biggest game of 2009, and the bundled Wii MotionPlus is sure to be the next Wii evolution. Expect them in the spring.

11: MCV Awards 2009
This year’s Awards will be better than ever, with new categories that will give the UK’s top stores more chances to win.

10: FIFA 10 Vs. PES 2010

EA and Konami go head-to-head again. FIFA won last year, but never rule out PES from staging a dramatic come-back.

9: Bioshock returns
The follow up to 2K’s 2007 smash hit is due in the fourth quarter, and is certain to sell by the bucket load.

8. The DSi cometh
The big hardware launch of 2009 is set to hit shelves in the spring.

7: PS3 market surge?

Alan Pritchard, Sega Europe North MD says:“They’ve been very quiet up until now. Nintendo have marched on this year, and 360 has had a massive three months. There’s a lot more to come from Sony.”

6: Ghostbusters call in
Did Activision Blizzard make a mistake in letting this one go? Atari seems to think so. Look forward to this in June.

5: The Wii gets hardcore
Some may argue that core gamers were under-represented on Wii in 2008. However, with Sin and Punishment, Mad World, The Conduit and a host of unannounced Nintendo projects, 2009 is on course to turn that all around.

7: Resident Evil 5

Michael Pattison, Capcom UK senior marketing director says: “I’m looking forward to peace in the Middle East, Newcastle signing Asprilla as manager and 2009’s biggest game – Resident Evil 5.”

3: Best Buy is coming
The US giant will finally land in the UK with help from The Carphone Warehouse.

2: More Grand Theft Auto
Two GTA IV 360 downloadable packs are sure to boost Live point card sales, whilst Chinatown Wars hits DS on March 20th.

1: The return of Halo
Two Halo titles are set to bookend 2009. Ensemble’s Halo Wars is due on February 27th, whilst Bungie’s Halo ODST will arrive in time for Christmas. Both games are certain to dominate sales at retail.


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