Activision gains control of

Ben Parfitt
Activision gains control of

Up until yesterday was not owned by Activision. Now, however, it is.

In July publisher EA was accused of snapping up the domain so it could redirect fans to its own Battlefield 3 website. It transpired, though, that the URL was owned by Florida resident Anthony Abraham – a self-professed Battlefield fan.

He had been using it to host pro-Battlefield content or to redirect to EA websites.

Now reports that Activision has successfully won its court case to gain control of the address.

It successfully convinced a judge that it met the three criteria needed for a domain transfer – the name is confusing, the holder doesn’t have a legitimate interest in it and that the use of the domain is malicious.

Abraham had tried to argue that the term ‘modern warfare’ was generic enough so as to be used in a context outside of the game IP.


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The bods at Activision really are a bunch of humourless, uptight tossers.

Joseph Brown

Joseph Brown INDUSTRY
Sep 8th 2011 at 2:06PM

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