All change at the top for Atari

Leleu has appointed Thomas Schmider as deputy chief operating officer. Schmider will now be in charge of strategy and development, while Jean-Michel Perbet becomes deputy chief operating officer, and will head up distribution efforts.

The board of directors also revealed it was in the process of appointing a new deputy chief operating officer for publishing and production, a role which will include the management of the group’s intellectual properties and product development.

The firm is also seeking to make its board more independent and has announced that it has begun the process of bringing new members to its board of directors.

Finally, Jean-Michel Perbet will now serve as a non-executive director of Atari.

The full Infogrames’ board is now as follows:

Patrick Leleu, chairman and chief executive officer
Thomas Schmider, director and deputy chief operating officer for strategy and development
Jean-Michel Perbet, director and deputy chief operating officer for distribution
Evence-Charles Coppée, director
Dominique d'Hinnin, independent director – chairman of the audit committee
Christophe Sapet, director
Gina Germano, director
BlueBay Asset Management, director, represented by Eli Muraidekh
Benoit Regnault de Maulmin, Advisor


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