Allard urges ‘patience’ with Rare

29 April 2005 By Johnny Minkley One of the few mysteries in the hugely successful first generation of Xbox has been the underperformance of $375m star-buy Rare. But while the UK studio’s meagre output has caused certain areas of the press to question the firm’s ability, Xbox supremo J Allard has lashed back at critics, urging patience and insisting Microsoft’s strategy with the outfit has been “very deliberate”. Speaking exclusively to MCV, Allard said: “I absolutely think Rare is still in the top league of developers. The name of the game for us in this whole enterprise of console gaming we have entered into is patience – we are being very patient with Rare.” After the original bold promise of five Xbox games per year, Rare has only managed to release one title – Grabbed by the Ghoulies – and actually more GBA software over the period. Conker is likely to be the last Rare game this generation, with high profile products like Kameo slipping towards next-gen. “With the products Rare is bringing together right now, we’re going to time those deliberately to do great things, and to make sure it has enough time to do the type of games Rare is capable of making,” Allard continued. In related news, various reports this week claimed that two of Rare’s in-development titles – Kameo and Perfect Dark Zero – were now pencilled in on official documentation as Xbox 2 launch titles.


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