Amazon UK enters pre-owned market

Dominic Sacco
Amazon UK enters pre-owned market has rolled out a trade-in service that allows users to mail in games in exchange for credit.

The move comes following a similar pre-owned offering on the US Amazon website.

Consumers can currently trade-in Fallout: New Vegas on PS3 for £16.50, Medal of Honor on Xbox 360 for £21, Wii copies of Sonic Colours for £20 and more. Amazon is even offering credit in exchange for PS2, Xbox, PSone and Game Boy Advance games.

Visitors can head to Amazon’s video games trade-in page before selecting an item, printing a delivery label and posting the item to the retailer. If the product is in acceptable condition, the customer will be credited with a digital discount voucher that will be deposited into their online account within two days.

Users are limited to trading in £150 worth of items at once, and can only trade up to three copies of the same game within a three-month period.

The service is currently in a beta stage which allows Amazon to test different features before the full service goes live.

Amazon has also posted a list of frequently asked questions about its new pre-owned offering.


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