Amazon: Wii has gained from 360 launch problems

The online retailer saw its pre-order allocation of Wii sell out in a record seven minutes this morning – making it the fastest pre-sale item the site has ever seen.

“We’ve learnt a lot from the way in which we set up pre-orders for Xbox 360,”’s console and videogames manager James Schall told MCV. “Like a lot of retailers, we started our pre-orders too early and ended up generating a demand without having the stock to satisfy it. Customer feedback on the process was disappointing.”

This time, Amazon waited until just two-and-a-half weeks before Wii’s launch to put pre-orders on sale this morning. “We’re all really pleased with how things went,” said Schall. “By waiting longer and utilising better planning of our stock allocation, the Wii pre-orders were a great success.

“Demand for Wii is obviously sky high and, judging by what’s happened today, every UK games retailer is in for a real bumper Christmas. Nintendo has played a very clever game.”

Despite selling out of its full Wii allocation this morning, the retailer promises that it will have restocked the console by its official launch date on December 8th.

The console will go on sale for £179.99, alongside launch titles including Red Steel, Zelda: Twilight Princess, Call Of Duty 3, Happy Feet, Open Season and Rayman Raving Rabbids.


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