America ups violent games legislation

The movement against violent video games has received a further boost in the US with the news that the New York Senate has passed a bill that aims to curb children’s exposure to such content.

Next Generation reports that the bill hopes to establish an Advisory Council on Interactive Media and Youth Violence that would be commissioned with reviewing the activities and ratings of the ESRB – the US games industry regulator.

The council would also work toward devising methods of limiting minors’ access to mature rated content. Other proposals in the bill include a campaign to increase the awareness of the current rating system and tougher regulations surrounding the labelling of games.

“Everywhere we look, violence surrounds us and it is unfortunate that our children are exposed to this explicit material, whether found in video games, movies or on television,” Senate Majority Leader Joseph L. Bruno said.

“Our children our spending too much time watching television and playing video games without any adult supervision, and we cannot sit back and allow them to be exposed to this senseless violence anymore.”

There has been a growing movement in the US concerning the toughening up of games content following last year’s Hot Coffee scandal involving Rockstar and its popular Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Similar sentiments have been expressed by politicians in the UK, most notably anti-games violence campaigner and Labour MP Keith Vaz.


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