Analyst: PS3 price cut within a year

Speaking to, he said: “I’m actually surprised that consoles are not priced more like other consumer electronics, with early movers charged a bunch and the mass market charged less.”

“The PS3 can command £425 from the hardcore and I think you'll see price cuts a year from now, probably to £300.”

He was also confident that PS3 would be a complete sell-out, and deliver the kind of next-generation power that Sony has promised.

“I think that games like Gears of War on the 360 look every bit as good, but given that PS3 game development was rushed, I fully expect next year's games to look better on the PS3.”

“My guess is that the Wii will be up to near 1.6 to two million by March 23, but that is far from an insurmountable head start,” he added.


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