Analysts predict record sales for 3DS

Ben Parfitt
Analysts predict record sales for 3DS

Although we're yet to see any official sales figures for the Nintendo 3DS in either Europe or the US, analysts are already predicting great things.

"The 3DS launch in North America and Europe produced sales that Nintendo should be proud of," EEDAR's Jesse Divnich told Industry Gamers. "Given the awareness and hype over the 3DS, I'd expect week one 3DS sales to surpass week one DS sales from 2004."

DFC Intelligence's David Cole was equally as enthusiastic.

"It is always interesting to watch supply and demand around launch," he added. "Nintendo said last week that they had record pre-orders BUT they expected plenty of stock and no shortages at stores.

"I think it was really down to just having a full supply where past systems there has always been trouble getting manufacturing up in time for a launch. We think it will be a very successful system.

"Nintendo forecast shipping 4m units of the 3DS through March 31st. That is just a huge amount of hardware. It would be an absolute mind blowing record if they sold out of all of them in such a short time. By contrast the Wii shipped 3m worldwide in its launch period).

"In other words, we could see Nintendo announcing some records soon when figures are tallied."


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