And the average games biz salary is…

Ben Parfitt
And the average games biz salary is…

Last week we asked readers of and to respond to an extensive salary survey. Hundreds took part, revealing details on their career and 2010 job prospects. Here we analyse the answers and offer topline insight into the jobs market, and comparing the results to our 2009 survey.

For 2010 our survey shows no growth in the average salary. In fact it’s down a percentile from last year’s £31,655 to £31,370. It’s no surprise given the market’s slowdown – and effective shrink – during the last 12 months.

For this number, calculated from data given by 399 UK respondents, we’ve gone for a median average rather than a mean average (which would include the handful of very senior execs who kindly took part as well). When you factor those high-flyers back in the average raises, up to £37,352 a year.

Including all the answers from US and Euro staff the median average is £31,509 (and the mean is £40,467).

The average salaries per role are similarly flat, showing only minor increases of a few per cent maximum:

Publishing & Marketing – £44,643 (2009: £43,000)
Retail – £27,738 (2009: £26,960)
Services & Distribution – £32,250 (2009: £31,973)
Development – £31,964 (2009: £30,442)
Media – £18,056 (2009: £18,125)
PR & Communications – £28,928 (2009: £26,153)

For the more detailed report, click here.


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