Atari toasts Test Drive success

The publisher is boasting a strong set of chart figures across the continent for the Eden Games title, which hit Europe on September 8th.

As well as hitting the top spot in the German charts, the title also reached second place in France, Belgium and Norway, as well as third spot in the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark. Test Drive reached second spot in the UK’s Chart Track All Formats Top 40 on its first week of release.

“To release a title that so revolutionises a genre in the way that Test Drive Unlimited does is always nerve-wracking as it demands that gamers learn to play in a new way,” said Atari Europe’s marketing director Cyril Voiron. “So the success to date is doubly gratifying.

"Not only have Eden Games created a spectacular new racing experience, but the fans have spent their hard earned money to get a taste of it.  The strong sales look set to continue as word spreads and new content becomes available.”

Test Drive offers players the chance to race against thousands of gamers online, a system it has dubbed Massivly Multiplayer Online Racing.


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