BAFTA: Games event to match size of film

The news follows yesterday’s announcement that the 2007 event will be held on Tuesday, October 23rd at Battersea Evolution. The London location can hold approximately 1,800 more attendees than last year’s site The Roundhouse, which was also in the capital.

And BAFTA is confident that its new site will be the perfect place for the Video Games Awards to rapidly increase in size and stature.

 “The great thing about Battersea Evolution is that it can hold around 2,500 people,” head of awards at BAFTA Anne-Marie Flynn told MCV. “We’re hoping we can do something quite spectacular and grow the event as we have film and television.

“I don’t see any reason why it can’t easily grow to be at least the size of the film ceremony, which holds 1,850, over the next five years. We want the games event to reach out internationally and become the real Oscars – or should I say BAFTAs – of the global games industry.

“There isn’t anything like this across the pond, or anywhere else. That’s why it was important we found somewhere we could build on each year.”

Flynn’s comments were echoed by ELSPA director general Paul Jackson, who is also chair of BAFTA’s games committee.

“This can absolutely rival the film and television events in the next few years,” he added. “Those of us who have lived and breathed video games all our lives absolutely believe it stands alongside TV and movies. And ELSPA’s relationship with BAFTA has proved that they believe in this as well.”

Organisers estimate that over 1,000 people will attend this year’s event, with more development teams in the audience than ever before.


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