Batman: Arkham City launch suffers DLC code issues

James Batchelor
Batman: Arkham City launch suffers DLC code issues

While UK gamers wait for the Dark Knight's critically acclaimed adventure, Australian and US consumers are having problems with the title's downloadable extras.

Through a combination of retailer deals and the Batman: Arkham City Online Pass, fans can gain access to extra levels and characters such as Robin and Catwoman - all of which is activated by one-use codes.

But reports reveal a number of issues with said codes in other markets, according to VG247. These include blank Catwoman code slips, Robin codes that fail to activate – some people have even been receiving multiple codes for the same content, but not the DLC they had ordered.

Additionally, Warner Bros has admitted that some Collector's Editions have been shipped out with a DVD copy of Gotham Knight, rather than Blu-ray as was originally promised.

The reports are reminiscent of the problems Ubisoft suffered with its uPlay Passport codes around the launch of Driver: San Francisco last month.

Batman: Arkham City is released for Xbox 360 and PS3 in the UK on Friday. The PC version will be released next month.


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