Best Games of 2011 - Industry Picks

Ben Parfitt
Best Games of 2011 - Industry Picks

STEVE MERRETT - Boss, Voltage PR

Uncharted 3 (Sony)
I only ever tinkered with the first two, but I made a point of spending time with Uncharted 3 and it really impressed. The gameplay does lead you by the nose a lot and it is a very linear experience, but that’s part of its charm. In terms of story-telling, set pieces and sheer entertainment, it’s up there with the cinematic classics  such as Indiana Jones. It’s funny, but I never got on with Heavy Rain which was also a linear experience and the more mundane elements of its characterisation bored the arse off me, but Uncharted 3 hides its linearity with great action sections – the burning chateau is simply incredible – and OTT bad guys.

PES 2012 (Konami)
Yes, yes, I know… I realise I will come across as biased as I do the PR for PES, but I genuinely love it as a game. PES 2012 added a load of elements that sorted problems even I as a die-hard fan was repeatedly annoyed by. Thus, with the addition of the new AI which made for brilliant off-the-ball runs, players finding space, and those moments that make you punch the area and flick Vs at whoever you’re playing when a move results in a late equaliser or last-gasp winner, PES is my ultimate social game, and it has a natural, organic playability which never fails to surprise.

Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS
I know that CoD, Skyrim, etc, are the big hitters, but I am plumping for the only 3DS game that prompted me to take the handheld out with me. I completed this on N64 yonks back, so thought my time with the 3DS version would be brief. Like meeting an old girlfriend for a drink, and realising that time has not been kind.
But Ocarina of Time is brilliant, and draws you in from the moment you start exploring the village and it lures you slowly into the bigger quest. The little additions to the 3DS version such as panning to target are seamlessly incorporated, and there’s a charm to Zelda that is hard to match – and thankfully, Nintendo reworked the water tower stage so it wasn’t quite so bloody annoying… I still don’t play it in 3D, though. Is this sacrilege?

LEE KIRTON - UK Marketing Director, Namco Bandai

Battlefield 3 (EA)
For me it was the first time I really enjoyed a proper multiplayer FPS military shooter. I thought DICE did a Stella job with the Frostbite 2 engine and it was the 360 version I played. I enjoyed the single player experience completely. The sound and lighting was something else and the weapons felt really beefy. Honestly to god I think it’s a sign of something truly amazing to come. 

Deus Ex Human Evolution (Square Enix)
Superb. Real old-school/new-school mechanics with a truly brilliant mix of game-play experiences. I think is was quickly forgotten by a lot however I think it’s a stand our RPG.

Forza 4 (Microsoft)
Gorgeous, brilliant, incredibly playable and some fun Kinect capabilities to boot. Honestly, I think Microsoft should be praised for sticking with this franchise.

Honourable Mentions: Uncharted 3, Dark Souls of course, Batman Arkham City and Super Mario 3D Land!

ALICE TAYLOR - Founder of Makieworld, former Commissioning Editor for Education at Channel 4

Jeezis. I haven't had time to play any ;-) I'd chuck in TRIPLE TOWN though. They've refreshed the match three, and turned it into something really special. I love it! But dude, that's it. I'm flat out doing this damn startup. I WANNA PLAY GAMES!


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