Black Ops price roundup

Ben Parfitt
Black Ops price roundup

With just hours to go until Call of Duty: Black Ops is unleashed upon the world to potentially record-breaking sales, most of the major players in the UK entertainment retail sector have come clean with the deals that they hope will win them a big share of the game’s week one sales.

As has already been reported by MCV, Asda will sell the game for just £4.97 when punters trade-in a copy of Fable III. HMV, meanwhile, is offering a price of £7.99 when a copy of Medal of Honor is part exchanged.

In addition, FrugalGaming has confirmed a couple of new deals this morning.

Blockbuster will sell Black Ops for just 99p when customers trade in any two of a selection of titles – including Fable III, Fallout New Vegas and Medal of Honor.

Sainsbury’s are selling it for £27.97 when £30 or more is spent in store or for £39.97 on its own. Morrisons is pricing it at £29.99 when p0urchased with any other chart title.

Here's the complete run-down of offers:

* £4.97 when customers trade in one of Fallout New Vegas, Fable 3 or Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2.
* £36.97 individually.

* £27.97 when customers spend £30 or more in-store.
* £37.97 individually.

* £25 when customers purchase a 2100 Xbox Live Points Card, 3 Months Xbox Live Gold Membership or £20 PS3 PSN Card.
* £39.90 individually.

* £29.99 when customers buy any other chart game
* £39.99 individually.

* £24.99 when customers buy any other Xbox 360 or PS3 chart title. Same price offered when customers trade in either Halo: Reach, Dead Rising 2, F1 2010 or FIFA 11.

* £7.99 when customers trade in Medal of Honour.
* £42.99 individually.

* 99p when customers trade in two of the following games – Medal of Honour, Fable 3, Fallout New Vegas, MMA, F1 2010 or Star Wars The Force Unleashed
* £44.99 individually.

UPDATE: Best Buy
* Best Buy will be selling the game for for £29.99, no strings attached.
* In addition, customers can buy the game for just £9.99 when they trade in either F1 2010 or Dead Rising 2.


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