Blu-Ray player cost slashed in US

As the battle to secure top spot in the next-gen high definition race continues to heat up, Sony has slashed the price of its standalone BDP-S300 Blu-Ray disc player in the US. The S300, which will cost $599, replaces the previous BDP-S1 model, which retailed for $999, though it boasts the same functionality.

The new RRP brings the machine in line with the US price of the 60Gb PS3 model, a move that should help the Blu-Ray format increase its penetration into the North American market. However, it could also affect the perceived technological High Street value of PS3.

Blu-Ray has been installed as one of the central components of Sony’s PS3 marketing drive, with SCEE recently confirming that all early adopters of the console in Europe will receive a free copy of Blu-Ray movie Casino Royale.


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