Blue 52 fades to black

By Matt Martin
The forthcoming release of Stolen, Blue 52’s highly-regarded stealth sim, to be published by Hip Interactive at the beginning of April, has not been affected.

“Blue 52 has been liquidated because it was unable to continue to support the overheads necessary for several development teams and a separate technology and tools department,” revealed Jaid Mindang, co-director at Blue 52.

Sources close to the London-based developer indicate that a small team has relocated to alternative premises to complete work on Stolen, and that the company is set to rise from the ashes as a new business initiative, Curve Games Studios, with the same core staff later this year.

“We are continuing to pursue new development contracts with other publishing partners,” said Mindang. It is not known what will happen with previously announced project Deadlight.

Stolen is due for release on April 1st for PC, Xbox and PlayStation 2.


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