Bored of the ABCs

Bored of the ABCs
Now it’s all very very boring. Some magazines are selling the same, some of them are down because there’s no new console out. One or two are up because there is a new console out. It doesn’t mean anything any more. It’s like saying the sea is higher because there’s a wave, then saying it’s lower again because there isn’t a wave. Well done, Einstein. Now tell me how long my string is. I'll pay you with these beans I found under the cooker.

Still, I don’t care. My magazine went up, so for the next six months at least I can feel a bit superior when standing in a corner with a bottle of Budweiser in each hand at games industry parties. Look at me! Entirely as a result of that feature I cobbled together from a variety of press releases about the XNA development scene in issue 16, 31 per cent more people bought the magazine! There should be a blue plaque screwed to my desk. You could cover the bit that’s been weakened by my missed self-harm attempts.

And here's an idea for a possible feature in next week's MCV - why not interview the founders of NewsNow and Games Press, asking them how it feels to have totally destroyed all online video game media in one swipe of their RSS feeds?

I’ve just looked at the NewsNow front page right now. It’s got 40 stories on it that went online in the last two hours. Only four of them are new, the rest are reworkings of this morning’s, yesterday’s and this year’s already-on-Games Press news.

That means 90 per cent of web sites are just wasting their time and might as well give up trying to make any money out of their Google adverts. The $12 a month isn’t worth the pain of constantly struggling to keep your head above the surface.

Magazine sales figures may be on a bit of a downward trend at the moment, but if “the internet” doesn't start offering something a bit better than 10,000 generic sites all clamouring to upload the same story within ten seconds of each other that’s not exactly going to change things for the better either.

Mind you, I haven’t got any answers about rot-stopping. The most popular thing I’ve put on UK:Resistance so far this year has been a photo of a cat with a Sonic The Hedgehog hat on it.
I'm actually part of the problem, not the solution.


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