Brand Map: Call of Duty

Dominic Sacco
Brand Map: Call of Duty

If you had the envious responsibility of launching a huge title such as Call of Duty into the market, which other video game franchises would you say are its primary competition?

No doubt you’d consider the latest generation of gaming platforms, and provide a list of all the other triple-A FPS games such as Halo or Medal of Honor? But you’d be wrong.

The Brand Maps published by GameVision provide a really comprehensive profile of those gamers that are playing some of the biggest titles in the market, including Call of Duty.

Hidden amongst the various charts and data are ‘Association Listings’ which show us what other titles are competing for the time, attention and pocket money of CoD players.

This table (left) shows what proportion of these Call of Duty gamers have also played each other title listed in the past six months.

The data shows us the typical gamer actually has a massively broad taste in games and genres. It’s almost as if they’re cherry-picking the crème-de-la-crème from each genre.

You can see from the table below that Call of Duty players are also very likely to play football games (FIFA), action adventures (Assassin’s Creed), third-person shooters (Grand Theft Auto), sports titles (Wii Sports), racers (Mario Kart, Need for Speed), platformers (Super Mario Bros), puzzlers (Brain Training), music games (Guitar Hero) and fitness titles (Wii Fit).

Now, shall we rethink the series’ competition?

The full Brand Map for Call of Duty – and 19 other leading games franchises – is now available at


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