Brawsome confirms MacGuffin's Curse release date

Leigh Harris
Brawsome confirms MacGuffin's Curse release date

Australian independent game developer Brawsome has confirmed today that its puzzle adventure game MacGuffin's Curse, will be releasing on 27 October for PC, Mac (via Steam), iPad and iPhone.

MacGuffin's Curse will see players participating in top-down action puzzles alongside character-based story adventuring. Brawsome have previously been responsible for the successful and well-received 'Jolly Rover', and have been working on MacGuffin's Curse since early 2011.

The development has cost almost AUD$250'000, and the team are expecting strong sales of over 60'000 units on Mac and PC, while they aren't yet speculating on the title's success on iOS.

Andrew Goulding, founder of Brawsome, says: "We have a lot more depth than your average iOS title. I think we've got a game that will look really beautiful on the iOS devices - our art style is very unique for a top down puzzle game and we hope there are many users out there who also enjoy a little more longevity in their iOS games."

Brawsome have not yet confirmed the retail cost of MacGuffin's Curse.


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