Budget price for Ape Escape

Dominic Sacco
Budget price for Ape Escape

Ape Escape will make its PS3 debut on June 24th with a budget price tag.

Sony’s monkey catching adventure game and mini-game collection will have an RRP of £24.99 when it hits shelves.

The PS3 exclusive is compatible with the PlayStation Move motion controllers which can be used to catch 500 monkeys across 15 single-player levels. There are also three mini-games which can be unlocked.

Ape Escape first swung onto PSOne in 1999. A range of titles have since been released on Sony game consoles including Ape Escape 2 and 3 on PS2 and PSP spin-offs such as Japan-only Ape Escape Racing.

The iconic Ape Escape Monkeys have also made cameo appearances in other games including Metal Gear Solid 3 and LittleBigPlanet.


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